Friday, December 31, 2010

Few updates.....

Hey y'all. Its been a bit since I've posted. Figured it was time to do that again. Well as the new year rolls on us, I've managed to finish my Dark eldar army, with the exception of the grass on the bases. I've gotta decide what color i wanna use and order from I've seen this site before and forgot about it. There is some great stuff there for those who like to do their own bases. I'm almost finished with my Dark Angel commission as well, after that I have a tac squad and scout squad commission for the Bone Knight army Tankertodd has those will then clear my paint table. I'll get pics up at some point.

Everything is still on track for the tournament next weekend, jan 8th. Looking foward to a good day of gaming on that one. There will be plenty of pics and possibly some vids afterwards.

On another note...I'm going to be free most of the day tomorrow, any local players that want to get in a game up at the local Hobbytown, Email the club email address and I can meet ya up there for a game. a quick closing, I hope all of you have a safe and happy new years.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Agri" World complete

Hey guys and gals,

Tankertodd here. Got pretty much 99% of the table complete. Just have a few skeletons to paint and glue down as well as some food containers. All in all very easy table to construct. lots of cover and LOS blocking terrain. Plus the woods are compact to allow minimum troops to take cover. I love the pine nuggets as rocks, such an easy feature to build. tell me what you think. Hope you get a chance to play on it at our tournament in Jan.



Saturday, December 18, 2010

New ground almost complete!!

Hey CG2 fans,

Ok putting the final touches on the dubbed "Agri" world board. I finished the 5 forest flats last week. I just cut and and edged the next 5 flats. 3 will be ruins and 2 rock groups. I want the ruins to look like they have been burned and razed with burnt timber collapsed. Also have some skeleton figs that will make for dead farmers. Kevin also gave me some skeleton horses. Once again all this will add to the destroyed farm look. So with all the flats there should be 10 pieces of terrain to populate the table. No pictures tonight, I will post them when I finish the terrain tomorrow. Till then

Good gaming,


Thursday, December 16, 2010


We have the makings of a new table!!

Ok so here is a quick update on the new table. Have the 5 forest flats made. Tomorrow will get the ruins and rocks based as well. Ok told you it was quick



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New ground cont...

Ok so my flock should arrive tomorrow to allow me to proceed on finishing the major part of this project. Tonight I cut out and edged the flats that will soon be forests and rocks piles. I also texture them with sand. So tomorrow while I am awaiting my flock, I will base coat them with black and dry brush grey to match the table. I also will cut out about 5 more flats to base the ruins and rock piles. Now as of right now I am not to sure if I should make any high ground. If I did make a hill or two they would be a smooth gradual rise on three side with a cliff like side. We will have to see how much I get done tomorrow. I plan on jumping right into another table to bolster the tournament boards. what will this one be? well it is winter so why not a winter themed board. Keep checking back on the blog for pictures and updates


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...................

Greatings CG2 fans...Lordboximus here to give you a big announcement. I'm here to announce that we are hosting a tournament. That's right. You heard me....we're hosting a tourny in the Columbus/Phenix City/Ft Benning area. Here's the meat and taters for y'all:
- 1850 point armies
- 4 rounds
- No soft scores
- Paint not required (unless you want to be in the painting comp)
- HERES A BIGGY......LUNCH PROVIDED! yeah you like that don't ya.
- $10.00 entry fee
- Prize support - sponsored by HOBBY TOWN USA, COLUMBUS, GA.

Now we are limited for we are taking the first 12 players to email us at with your name/email/and a valid Contact #. Anyone over the first 12 will be placed on a waiting list in the order we get them. For those who do sign up and you are unable to come you must let us know 48 hrs out so we can notify your replacement. When we do receive your email we will contact you with your number so you know where you stand in the registration line.

We're looking foward to a good first event....So sign up while the slots are open.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lordboximus Commision update...

New ground update!!

Tankertodd here again,

Ok got the board based painted with black and dry brushed with grey. All I am waiting on now is my flock order. Should be here in two days or so. Once I get it, will mix the light and medium green static grasses. then will sporadically put patches of grass over the sanded bard. This will help blend in the dry brushing and any brush stroked that could not be blended. While I wait, I am going to start cutting out the terrain flats. I think Tomorrow I am going to go searching for those Kid green house sets. hope i find what i am looking for. I think with some modifications I can make a cool looking green house. I also have enough pine trees to make 5 good LOS blocking forest pieces. once again I want thick wood that limits the position of troops inside the bases. If you even been to European forests in the eastern country's and wow there are some impassible woods. So I'm on track for getting this board complete. More to come in a day or so. Till then laterz

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New ground to fight over!!!

Hey its Tankertodd here, and I have just started my latest project... a new table. George and I just got back from Lowes and picked up the needed supplies. Its going to be a basic old green "Agi" world board. My vision is a sand based table painted black with a grey dry brush. Then flocked with a mixed light and dark green static grass mixture. This will go well with most common basing jobs. For terrain pieces I plan on making some lush Pine forest pieces that will block LOS and restricted the number of troops that can hide in it. There will also be various rock piles and a few high pieces like hills and rocks. Overall just a generic board that can be used for most wargames.If I get really ambitious might even make a pond. I recently purchased some old LORSG ruin pieces. Will bases those to look like an old feral settlement. If I can find some, I want to get the kid green house sets and use them to make Agi buildings (futuristic green houses). Beside that I want at least 9 flats of various terrain. When the sand drys tomorrow I will take and post some pic. every stage I will update the blog.This will bring our table count to 4 good solid tables. perfect for our upcoming grand opening tourney....oops did I spoil that?? Ok enough ranting for the day....keep gaming

Till then


Tankertodd (Todd)

CG2 Meet up!!!

Hey all,

CG2 had a little game night tonight. We had 5 people attend. Two fights went down between Kevin and David and Chris and my self. The BATREPS will be on YouTube soon. Overall was a fun relaxed night. Both games where bloody and close. We also talked about the group and where we want it to head. It seems we have a good base of players, but are looking for more. We also need help looking for a large more stable place to gather. if there is anyone who has info on a place to rent or reserve, it would help the group out allot. besides that, looking forward to another meet up. Till then keep checking YouTube and the blog for more updates


Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Life of a Kabalite pt 1

Greetings y'all...Things are starting to pic up here with CG2. So I figured I'd start with some non-vid content. Recently I've started narrowing down my army choices for 40k. No more than 6 months ago I had 3 space marine armies, 'nids, orks, IG, chaos, demons, and eldar. It took me a while to figure out that there was realistically no way I can keep up 9 armies much less enjoy them. So i started trimming the fat per say. Sold off my space wolves, demons, eldar, IG, and chaos. As it sits now I'm sporting my Imperial Fists, Flesh tearers, Orks, and my newest project, dark eldar.

Originally I had no intention of doing a dark eldar, never really liked em and didn't really think that was going to change. Sadly that was the same thing I said about the Blood Angles but there was 1 single thing in the codex that pulled me in....again same thing with the dark eldar. For the BA's it was Chapter Master Gabriel Seth. I loved his and the flesh tearers thats how they were founded. Now on to the dark eldar. As more and more came out from the DE codex first I saw the new models for the Helions, AMAZING. Next was the icing on the cake, when the rules for Baron Sathonyx came out. I had a light bulb, "WAIT I CAN TAKE AWESOME MODELS AS TROOPS?", yes please.

Now that the codex has come out the next problem was how was I going to build the army I want. Well along came the push to do commission painting. It was something that I had thrown around and bounced off my friends but never made the leap. Then my first commission opportunity came up in a BIG way...matching a paint job from a well known "professional service" that truthfully is WAY beyond economical for the average gamer, regardless of their claims.

So now we have army idea, check. Way to support the army, Check....and we're off to the races... That being said I've started building my Dark Eldar Kabal centered on the good Baron himself. I my first game with the codex tankertodd's tau to proxy. Slowly that list has been tweaked and changed as well as have the proxy models been replaced with the proper DE models. Now I'm only very few items away from having everything. A month in now and I'm still not entirely sure of a paint scheme for them yet though my idea is centered around a black/purple-ish scheme. More on that to the 1850 list.

1870 Pts - Dark Eldar Roster

1 Archon
1 Archon - Kabalite Armour; Splinter Pistol; Plasma Grenades; Agoniser; Haywire Grenades; Ghostplate Armour; Combat Drugs; Soul-trap; Shadow Field; Webway Portal

1 Baron Sathonyx
1 Baron Sathonyx - Splinter Pod; Splinter Pistol; Phantasm Grenade Launcher; Shadow Field

5 Beastmasters
4 Beastmasters - Close Combat Weapon; Splinter Pod; Skyboard; Agoniser
1 Beastmasters - Splinter Pod; Skyboard; Agoniser
2 Clawed Fiend
4 Khymerae
4 Razorwing Flocks

9 Hellion - Splinter Pod; Skyboard
1 Upgrade Character - Splinter Pod; Splinter Pistol; Agoniser

9 Hellion - Splinter Pod; Skyboard
1 Upgrade Character - Splinter Pod; Splinter Pistol; Agoniser

Kabalite Trueborn
7 Kabalite Trueborn - Shardcarbine; Kabalite Armour; Haywire Grenades
1 Kabalite Trueborn - Splinter Cannon; Kabalite Armour; Haywire Grenades
1 Upgrade Character - Haywire Grenades; Splinter Pistol; Agoniser
1 Raider - Disintegrator Cannon; Flickerfield

1 Ravager - 3 Dark Lance; Retrofire Jets; Flickerfield

1 Ravager - 3 Disintegrate r cannons; Retrofire Jets; Flickerfield

1 Razorwing Jetfighter
1 Razorwing Jetfighter - Splinter Cannon; Disintegrator Cannon; Necrotoxin Missile; Flickerfield
[Unassigned: 1 Disintegrator Cannon; 3 Necrotoxin Missile]

10 Wyches
7 Wyches - Plasma Grenades; Haywire Grenades
2 Wyches - Hydra Gauntlets; Plasma Grenades; Haywire Grenades
1 Upgrade Character - Splinter Pistol; Haywire Grenades; Plasma Grenades; Agoniser
1 Raider - Dark Lance; Flickerfield

Total Roster Cost: 1849

In part 2 I'm going to get into the models and hopefully get unit pics up.....feel free to lets have a discussion about the new dex or my list....stay tuned more to come........

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thousand sons part 1

Hey guys,
George here starting another project...Thousand Sons.
Put the Necrons up on the Ebay so on to this project.

Marines VS DE part 2

Part 2 of 1850 Batrep Space Marines (Todd) vs. Dark Eldar (Kevin)

Marine vs DE part 1

Part 1 of 1850 Batrep Space Marines (Todd) vs. Dark Eldar (Kevin)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bringing home the loot!!

This past Sunday up in Fayetteville, GA in the local game store Treefort Games, they hosted their trademark Anepticon event. Was a small but fun tournament, which included crazy scenarios. One such being all ones mean you hit yourself instead of the target. In attendance was Keving, Chris and I (Todd). There was a total of eight players attending, so made for a quick lazy Sunday afternoon. Kevin and I ended up playing each other on the #1 table for the win. Sadly for Kevin his new Dark Eldar failed to destroy my mech heavy guard. either way CG2 brought home the loot.....a Military looking bayonet lol!! All in all, the event was smooth and eventful..Not fun watching your own hell hound blow its own inferno cannon up...grrr. Look forward to attending future events and carrying the CG2 Banner to other events in the GA area!!

Keep checking back on the YouTube page for battle reports

keep gaming

Strike Team Invicta

Hows it goin??

Hey people,

My name is Todd and I am one of the three trying to get this thing started. lordboximus and George and I are the drive behind getting CG2 started. I really see some great talent in a exciting group we have. as Lordboximus stated, we have every base covered when it comes to the hobby.
So about me then. My journey down the way of the nerd started with "HERO'SQUEST" oh yah we all know that one. Then "D&D" and so forth. but the way I found Warhammer Fantasy was the little leaflet in "HEROS'QUEST". It showed Fantasy and I was hooked. The thought of army's of fantasy warriors was a awesome where do they sell them and how much. The rest is history, as we al know once you try on GW hobbie you try them all.
I currently play 40K as my main system. I have a Fantasy army but I have not even touched the new rule book. i am in need of a serious make over. Though I like to paint and assemble my hordes of doom, its the Terrain that I love. A awesomely painted model is nothing if played on a greed bed sheet with books and a large rock as terrain. Its the table that really makes the battle come alive. Now though my skills have come along way from my straw and coke can creations...I am till learning. I have so many ideas, its just life and money that hold me back. fear not CG2 will have plenty of terrain when we need it.
Hope you all join if you are in our area. I really think we can get something going...Till next time


Monday, December 6, 2010

1st introduction from our lil goon squad......

Evenin yall...since we're just kicking this thing off, I suggested that atleast the three of us that are running the logistics of CG2 (columbus gaming group) tell the fans, or future fans a lil about ourselves.

I'm Kevin, aka Lordboximus. I've been gaming since the mid 90's. My introduction into gaming was thanks to a dear friend of mine who played a ccg "DOOMTROOPER". From there he further led me into playing my first miniature game "WARHAMMER QUEST". Later we got into playing "WARZONE", well the first incarnation of it from Heartbreaker Games. Warhammer quest led me into fantasy 5th ed...yea that long ago.....I know huh? lol. I took a long break from gaming and sold off everything before getting back into the game right as 3rd ed 40k was released. I've been playing 40k ever since. I'm also a large fan of the "Specialist Games" that GW has...specifically "MORDHIEM" and "BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC".

Army choice wise...well that comes and goes like the tide, or well it did. As of recently I've narrowed down my army's, and my whole play style has drastically changed. At the moment I'm sitting on 4 armies and have no plan on starting anything else. Since my first trip down the 40k road I've always wanted a Imperial Fists space marine army and I finally have one. George did a great job painting them as yellow is a pig of a color to paint. The ork army I run now is actually my 2nd go at orks. I really do like'm they just kinda felt "blah" last time I had the army. Also I have my fleshtearers space marine army. The only reason that I have that army is that I really liked Gabriel Seth from the new codex. Which leads me to my newest project which is a dark eldar army only because of specific character and unit type from the new codex - Baron Sathonyx and the helions. I can say I've matured in my gaming because I've started doing things against the grain of the "META" game out there...or more specifically the tool bags who use net lists. My choices now are all about what I think is cool; even if they don't prove to be face smashy.

In all honesty I'm really the "GAMER" of our group. I don't like making terrain...even though I'm doing commissions I really hate painting and modeling...My niche is playing. But our group has all these things covered so it really just helps to add character to our group. I really look foward to us producing good content for yall, and sharing what we do in our corner of the asylum...


quick update

Aight ladies and gentlefolk....we orgnaized and cleaned out Todd's garage tonight and got our temporary gaming space ironed out. We've got the terrain all organized and safe now. We've decided to leave 2 tables up all the time for those quick fixes of getting our nerd on.  Here are the two tables we chose to leave up. We'll be getting more content up over the next couple days. Be sure to check out our youtube channel

Columbus gaming group has a BLOG!!

Ok loyal citizens of the Imperium, the CGG (Columbus gaming group) is up and running. As of now we have an email (, a Youtube site Columbusgaminggroup and now its official BLOG Scatter Dice. Please feel free to get this BLOG flowing with gamer goodness. As for the group we are growing everyday. Look for a very near future Grand Opening tourney!! until then, good gaming!