Sunday, February 10, 2013


    Its official, CG2 is going to NOVA 2013! That’s right we will be dueling it out in the DC area once again. This will be our second time going to this event and I’m pretty stoked. My first NOVA experience was in 2011 during the Hurricane. It was well worth the 12 hour drive up Columbus, GA. Besides the Nice drive up, The Hotel was great. Top notch stay. I especially love the way NOVA host’s their GT. The bracket system after day one places you with your experience group or there about. So if you went 4-0 or 0-4, the next day you play people with the same score! This way it is still worth playing the next day, even though you won’t be GT champ.
     Also to make the NOVA great was the hundreds of raffles they gave out. You got more chance to win if you stayed at the Hotel, lost games, and just showed up! I mean every time you finished a game, you checked the white board….and Bam new list of name with goodies waiting on them!! So if the dice god’s left you, there was always something to win. I even got a goodie bag!!

    So I am looking forward to another great weekend hosted by Mike Brandt and his group of dedicated volunteers. Not only was it a great GT, but a great time had by all. So now my Hobby overdrive is in full NOVA gear. I still am waiting on a few things for my New Mech Guard force. The biggest is my paint from Badger. Next are the few models I ordered already. I really want to take a bit more time in doing this force. I want a little more FW bits to give the army its elite feel. I currently have my Chimeras and a Leman Russ on its way. So once this arrives and my on!
Keep rolling them dice