Monday, May 16, 2011

Monastery Board...the begginings

Ok guys,

Here is the humble beginnings. Dedicated myself by purchasing the wood and other materials need to make the basic layout. My second Amazon shipment was mailed today, so in a few days will have pretty much everything I need to finish the board. Attached are a few pics. Notice the sheer size of the buildings on this project. I hope to see some in building fighting with the little dudes men. The outline of the river has been drawn out. Woodland scenic makes awesome water effect. Its will be a generic blue river with some vegetation on the banks.Once complete it will look like a untouched Monastery world...ripe for bloodshed. More to come


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monastery Board

Hey Gang,

Todd here with info on the new CG2 board I'm building for the tournament. Its a Monastery board complete with built in river. I wanted something new for our upcoming 4 June Tournament at Hobby Town USA here in Columbus, GA. Its going to be based generic grass with ash grey gravel, typical base for my boards. I have started on building a few things but will take some pics next week when I get back from a "Field" trip.
Until then imagine a river about 6 inches wide snaking across the left flank of the board, spanned by a long iron bridge. On the left you will have two separate massive 1foot by 4 inch flats with Barracks for the monastery personnel. These will be built out of the Pegasus hobby Gothic buildings. As you go right across the bridge you will have the ruined Aquila from GW based. This will be in front a massive 2 foot by 2 foot Imperial Temple. It will be based off the French Gothic style Cathedrals. Inside I am putting the Marine statue from the GW kit. Also will be adding a ruined library. Why ruined...well the warp is fickle and those who try and learn its secrets well can blow up. will have small bits of darkened paper to add to the effect.
All in all, I think it will come out looking great. It will have loads of line of sight blocking terrain. huge building to fight inside (a Land Raider can fit in the barracks and the temple). The river will be a nice effect and my first attempt at making one. So once I get started I will take some pics and update the blog. Hope you all come to the tournament and play a game on it.

Till then

Todd CG2

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey CG2,

Todd here with an exciting announcement. CG2 will be hosting its second event. Since we "LACK A GAME STORE" (did someone get the hint??) down here its up to CG2 to once again provide some games and good times. Here is the scoop,

- June 4th 2011 at Hobby Town USA Columbus, GA
-2000 points
-4 Rounds
-WYSIWYG is enforced but you may use another model as a stand in as long as the war gear matches
-No Imperial Armour but Codex forge world models are ok (Ie.. Vanquisher turret, Dreadnought model ect..)
-No soft scores
- Painted Army's not required but you will not be in for the best painted Award
- $15.00 Dollar entrance fee... Sadly this does not include Lunch, but WAIT!!! Hobby Town our hosts will be serving hot dogs!!!
- And now for the loot, Hobby Town of Columbus, GA will be providing the prize support!!

So there you have it. As of now there will be 12 spot open for the tournament. It will be held at Hobby Town USA Columbus, GA. Registration and mission packet issue will be at 0900 (9a.m for you civilian) and first game at 1000 (10 a.m) Contact Todd at to reserve a spot. If the spaces are filled I will make a order of Merritt list for possible drop out and cancellations. For those who do sign up, if life gets in the way or something stops you from attending, please notify me at least 48 hours ahead. I will send a conformation email with your number so you know where you stand in the registration line...hope to see you there!!!