Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lordboximus's Update corner.....

Hey guys, Youtubes bein a lil pissy and not letting me upload anything past 70% for some reason so I can't get the videos up. So I'll just do a update on here. Well, sunday was a busy day for me, I hung out with my buddy ozz and we spent the day assembling models. We really got alot done for just a few hours. We managed to get my stompa completely build, magnatized, and the lifta droppa built. I got the new blood angels dread kit assembled as the librarian dread and kitbashed the iron clad for the parts needed to make a second Dco dread for my flesh tearers. I also got 1 of the 2 ork Deff Dreads I bought built. Figured I'd throw the pics up here. I'm flying out for San Antonio tomorrow so I'll not be home till late Sunday night which means all my new toys will have to wait to even get primer on them. But here are the pics...enjoy.
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Ork "Kustom" stompa Rules are in WD 350

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rumble on the river!!

Hey Gamers,

Tankertodd here from CG2. Wow what a great turn out for the Columbus Gaming Group's first official event, "The Rumble On The River". It all started at 8a.m. with Kevin, George, myself and our host Ozz, setting up all five boards. The small Club House activity center was a perfect place to throw the event. It had plenty of room for the five tables and even room for us to set up folding tables for storage space.So there was no clutter during the games. The players arrived on time as well, surprisingly for gamers. Allot of new faces and some old enemy's as well. Overall we had a great mix of army's and play styles. Kevin was surprised to see another Dark Eldar force played. Overall we had

1. Kevin- Dark Eldar
2. Todd- IG
3. Charles- Deathwind/Ravenwing
4. Tom- Crimson fists
5. David- IG
6. Craig- Space Marines
7. Nick- Dark Eldar
8. James- Chaos
9. James- Daemons
10. Coty- Chaos

So as you can see we had a nice mix. The rounds kicked off and there was smooth game play through out the tournament.Our ref, George, was quick to settle all rules disputes that did arrive. At the end three champions arose. Best painted went to Kevin with his Dark Eldar. Players choice, which was picked by the players, was Todd. Overall winner of the 1st Annual "ROTR" was David and his blob Imperial Guard. We also had an extra purity seal and George awarded Tom for his awesome Dreadnought model. Prizes consisted of $50 gift card to the overall winner, $25 to best painted and players choice. Prize support was sponsored by Hobby Town USA in Columbus,GA. They really helped us out allot. So stop in and check out their growing Warhammer/40K selection.
All in all it went off surprisingly well. Very organized if I don't say for myself for three people who never did anything like this. Next time we can only get bigger and better. For those who came and played, thank you for making the event fun and challenging. To those who could not make it,CG2 will be hosting more events in the future so keep checking the Blog and YouTube. Hope to see you all in the 41st millennium