Monday, April 11, 2011

Campaign Season

Hey CG2, I will be hosting a 40K map based campaign. It will kick off starting 1 May and will last till around 5 June. We will end it with a Apoc game once the winner has been decide. If interested, email me at and send me your army and a quick background about it. Lets makes things interesting, name your units and characters. The more narrative the better. We will be using veteran ability's as well. Please RSVP by Saturday 16 April. rules pack will be sent out shortly. Todd

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Garage Night"

Hey CG2 fans, Wow its been awhile since we have posted. Due to the annoyance know as "Real Life" things slowed down very much for CG2. Everyone in the group was busy with something in their lives. Still the group rallied together for "Game Night". Hosted at my place, we had 9 members show up. Even had some new faces. CG2 welcomes Ralph to the ranks. All in all, we played from the afternoon until the wee hours of the night. Everyone at least got two games in. Sorry for the lack of pics or vids, we will have to jump on that next time. The Grey Knights made an appearance with their new codex. Kevin and Chris battled it out with a Flesh tears vs Grey Knight battle. It was a bloody affair but neither force could secure victory. David and myself played a foot slogger IG army against my mech IG. Was a good game, but the lowly legs of the ground pounders could not hold up against "Mech Furry". CG2 is not dead for those wondering. There is a map based campaign in the works. Even early whispers of getting a team together for next years Adapticon echoed through the conversations. Things are being planned and we are getting more members all the time. So keep looking at the Blog and the YouTube site. Until next time.... Tankertodd