Monday, October 10, 2011

Incoming distress signal....

++++Priority level- Extremus Maximus++++
++++Authorizing Authority- Adeptus Astartes++++
++++Situation- Imperial World being over ran++++
++++Incoming Message++++

++This is Governor Crassus, The Emperor's loyal servant, A splinter of Hive Fleet Spina has made planet fall. The Zenos seem to come to aid WAAGGHH Skull Crusha. Planetary forces critically out numbered. Imperial advisor estimates the planet will be overran in 14 weeks. Request all aid in surrounding sub sectors. Priority at the highest level. The Emperor protects+++
++++End transmission++++
++++Course of action++++++
++++Space wolves and Bones Knights en route++++
++++Negative+++Hold at all cost++++
++++End transmission++++
++++Warp delay++++
++++13 weeks++++
++++ Survavibility of planetary forces++++
++++21.8% chance++++


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things are slowing down a bit...

Hey gang,

Todd here from CG2. With the cooler air and falling leaves we welcome a change in season as well as pace for CG2. Well the NOVA open is behind us, and boy what a great time it was. Perfect way to end the summer. Todd W. also kicked but in Ard Boyz and is actually in the finals. What a very busy summer indeed. So after all this, a small break was in order to spend time with the family. I did play a little to many prep games and primers. So after a few weeks I am ready to pick up the dice.

To my surprise, things are slowing down a bit. Is CG2 shutting down? heavens no. The group is very much active. Tom, Kevin and the Warmaching guys have officially registered with Privateer Press and are in the active league. There is also some Pathfinder RPG action starting I do believe. So what am I talking about. Life...the real world is going to slow most of us down. Brian B. is getting ready to go off to some "Special Training", George N. is getting ready for a few shooting matches (Olympics here he comes) and myself has to go and train the new wave of Armored Crew members in the Army (Pvt's). Gene S. will also be busy with Army stuff and a future home coming of his household Governor (Wife).

So sadly you can see a large majority of our active group will be busy. So in advance we are sorry for the lack of video and gaming shenanigans in the future. So WTF CG2? Ok ok, I know so how will we end our season? APOCALYPSE!!!!! oh yeah finally right? Oct 15th is going down, Xeno Vs. Imperium. For a big bang we are throwing down. Brian, Gene, George, Todd x2 and possible Craig will be battling it out for a season finale! Of course there will be loads of video and pics!

Is that it CG2? No no, remember in January we will host the 2nd annual "RUMBLE ON THE RIVER" tournament. This will be our third event for the area and we are looking into making this one big!!! I'm talking maybe 2 day event big. So if your in the east Alabama, Georgia or Northern Florida area, look for upcoming info on it. As of now it will most likely be held in the same place as last year, Ft. Benning GA. Lunch will be included and Prizes will be bigger than the past events. Once again keep checking the facebook and this blog for more updates.

So friends that's about it. Once again we are not down or breaking up. Just keep looking for more updates as time goes on. Remember to look on the facebook for game link ups and so forth. Until then...Keep rolling those dice.

Todd C.
CG2 Co-founder