Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CG2 Forum!!

hey CG2,

We now have a forum up. So to complete our network setup, the CG2 forum is at

This will make conversations easier than on Facebook. the Facebook is a great way to see what everyone is up to as well as trying to get a quick game. Keep looking back on the forum for future events by either CG2 or other game stores outside Columbus,GA. Keep rolling them dice


Sunday, June 5, 2011

....Connection Resetablished....begin transmission.....

     Hola, Lordboximus here. Its been a bit since I've posted anything on here, facebook, or youtube. So I figured I'd shoot a lil post up and fill yall in on some comings and goings as of late. First off I've not been posting because my gamer "tick" has been off. I've just not had the urge to play anything over the last few months. Just about the time I feel I'm getting it back, the...hmmm....we'll just call it the GW Fiasco, happened which in turn has really turned me off to the GW side of the hobby. I'm not gonna rant and rave about it, I've done enough of that already. Lets just leave it that my 3000+ points of Flesh Tearers are going up on the block, and with the exception of very few things for my dark eldar and/or orks, I'm done with GW.  SOOOOO....if you are interested in my Flesh tearers just hit me up and we can discuss. On to a different note now..... 

     So with this departure from the GW hobby, I've started looking at other systems that are cheaper, better designed, and more entertaining for a player. The obvious first answer was Warmachine/Hordes. Now we've tried to get into this before but before we really did, it kinda fell by the wayside. That's fine, that was the past. So George and myself got to talking and decided this time we're just gonna take the jump together. So this last week I placed the order for my Protectorate of Menoth force and George's Retribution of Scyra (sp?) force. There are atleast 2 others in the group that seem mildly excited about doing this too :::cough TODD cough RALPH cough:::: damned Hopefully we can get more of the group excited about what is, IMHO a better quality game all around. Also I was introduced to Dystopian Wars up at treefort games a few months back, yet again, another amazing game. So I dropped the dime in George's ear about it, he's checked it out too and looks like in a couple months we have yet another game to introduce to the group. I'm glad that these other companies are producing products that are starting to shine as bright as a others.

     Now all that being said. Starting in the middle to end of this coming week look for a influx of blog and youtube posts from George and myself as we delve into being warmachine noobs. With any luck We'll have product reviews on what we ordered, bat reps from our first games, maybe even some group discussions with the CG2 members who are pumped about it with their first responses. I know alot of these things have been done but they all have been "polished", good but polished. My goal is to show real gamer reactions to picking up new products and systems.

     So just keep an eye out, please comment on our content, leave us suggestions etc. We love to hear from yall. 

Laterz Guyz

"SIZZLE IN THE SUMMER" closing thoughts!!

Hey CG2 fans,

TankerTodd here with the closing thoughts on the "Sizzle in the Summer" 40K tournament. Well after just a month of planning and organization, The event has come and gone. Before I get started I would like to thank a few people for helping make this event. George thanks for making the missions packet and Chris for being our PR guy and getting the word out there. We make a good team!

Ok, the tournament, It all started very well. Every player...all 14 that is, showed up on time. Yup, not bad for a small group of players to pull in that many players. I have to mention that we do not have a FLGS. Hobby Town USA provided space for us in the front of their store. They carry a small amount of GW stuff, but it is growing every week. So this is our modified FLGS. Anyway back to the tournament. We had to my surprise a very heavy Chaos show up. Yup notify the Inquisition, Columbus GA are heretics. Even had a necron player as well. So power armor heavy? Yes, imperial power armor? No.

The 1st round kicked off on time, another surprise for us gamers. Missions where simple and to the point. You have a primary, secondary and tertiary. You strive for primary of course but you have two other ways to earn points. Now these objectives would rotate through the tournament. Switching as the primary and secondary and so forth. Though the deployment would change per-battle. For the most part the players did not have any issues. All in all the games kicked off without any major issues. Few rules hick ups but all OK.

The army's looked great....for...the most part. We did have an issue with a "Proxy" army. I will save this for the end. David "the Preacher" won best painted for his Ford Tough themed orcs. Nothing tougher than two 1950's ford racing across the board. Who says all of Terra's ancient technology is locked away by the mechanicus adeptus! He did not win by much though, Todd W. and his nids where close behind. Other mentions are James H.'s Chaos marines and Donald's Necrons. All in all the army's look great.

So as the battlefield became quiet from hours of combat a winner stood amongst the crowd. James H. took 1st as tournament winner. He beat out James G. by a tie breaking VP difference of around 190 points. Players Choice went to Donald, he took not just the $$ loot but the new Golden dreadnought trophy for players choice. So marked the end of CG2's second event. You can watch more tournament action on our YouTube channel. Also on the FaceBook we have pics of the days events. So where does CG2 want to go with our events.....?

So the future.. Since this being my second run at organizing an event, I have learned allot. the biggest being, we have a HUGE gamer base here in Columbus, GA. besides the 14 players we had in our tournament (beating out any game store within an hours drive here in Southern GA) we still had over 15 people stop in and check out the action...WHO PLAY!!! Also not to mention CG2 group members who could not make it. That puts us way over 30 possible players. So what does this all mean?? Bigger venues/events and more professional settings. If we can get 30 players for a tournament, we can get bigger space. How does this happen? You, you the fan base in Columbus, GA and surrounding areas need to push for this. We can do it. There are plenty of huge venue space to hold a large event such as this. The more people, the more $$ we generate to rent space. Remember CG2 does not make or save any $$. We put everything into the events. So the gears are turning, look to the near future for something of this scale.

Second, a more serious approach to the tournaments. This being said, these piece mealed/mixed matched "PROXY" armies are not going to be accepted anymore at any CG2 event. Players want to enter a tournament to meet new people, play interesting army's and enjoy a great gaming experience. This is destroyed when someone shows up with a armys that includes 2 different army ranges of GW stuff, Models from another "Machine" type game and missing most arms and legs. Now I understand, the hobby is time consuming and $$ sucking, but a line must be drawn. In our rules we allow proxy's but to a set extent. You want to use an Ork warbose as something esle OK, or a model in place for a character who does not have a figure I got it, but a Raider as a Rhino...? Wyches as GK termies? Since we have a larger fan base then we thought, we are no longer hurting for players. For sake of other players and CG2's reputation as a serious game group, we will no longer allow army's like this in our events..period!. So as the event organizer for this last tournament, I apologize to all the players for this. I ensure you our quality control with be better.

So look for bigger and better events from CG2. Spread the word, lets get our names out to other games stores and groups. heck lets get a team and start hitting the road to smash them on their turf!!!! Thanks again for every ones help and support. Until the next event...keep rolling them dice!!!