Saturday, July 30, 2011

George N. Update

Yo!!! George N. here, back from the north and pumped for Nova!!! Glad to hear we had an awesome showing at the Giga tourny, caught ppl cheatin' and one of our own gettin props on a "big" blog. I leave for a freakin' week and a half and all the cool stuff goes down. Anyway painting the Tau like a mad man to get em' ready for Nova. Hope all is awesome with everyone. O, if anyone has cool ideas for a Tau display board for the tourney I am all ears. I have some ideas, but not sure what I gunna do yet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey CG2 fans,

Tankertodd here with some updates about the roaming band known as the "ROAD CREW". As of right now CG2 will be represented at the 2011 NOVA OPEN up in Arlington, VA. This is huge for us here in little old Columbus. In just under a year, our group has really come forward. Hard work has paid off, and we on the road crew won't let CG2 down. So this being said, lets talk about the road crew!!

Todd W., George N. and I talked about hitting the road numerous times during casual gaming. Taking the CG2 banner to other stores and tourneys to meet and spread our glorious name. Local players are great and we find and meet them all the time. Still nothing like hitting the road and roaming into other players territory. This allows us to meet and battle new opponents. You can sit and read people BLOGS and stuff all day.There is not better way than to see whats going on in the hobby than to see it first hand. You never know who or what you will see out there.

The Road Crew also was designed to represent the CG2 in the gaming community. Currently the members are all pretty decent guys and players. There are loads of just DBAG players out there. Players who ruin the fun of a "Game". So those people are not welcomed to join this roaming bad. We want to go out and make friends and contacts to help our community here in Columbus, GA a better one. So the people we are looking for are those players who are just in it to have fun. Yes winning and bringing home some loot is always our aim, but not at the expense of others.

So how do you join the CG2 "ROAD CREW"? First you can't be a DBAG!! You have to purchase the Team shirt at $40 a pop. Now this is sold strictly at cost. Your getting a nice Polo not some Chinese counterfeit. You have to have a Decently painted force. Now, if your going out into the community, how do you spread a good name for CG2 with un-primed models!! And finally, the $$$ to attend the events and help pay for the expenses to get there...hey gas ain't cheap!!

So if you think you want to hit the road with the CG2 road crew, email me at We are looking for additional members to hit up the NOVA OPEN with us this August. Hope to see some of you out there and as always

keep rolling them dice

Todd C.
CG2 co-founder

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tournament after thoughts!!

Hey gang,

Well the tournament is over with and I come back with some experience and hard earned lessons! For those of you just tuning in, Some of CG2's members (Chris (cheater), Todd W., Brian B., Craig and Todd C...that's me) participated in a 2500 point 40K tournament at a place called Giga Bites cafe. Its located in Atlanta, GA and is about two hours away from Columbus, GA. I will get to the store itself at the end of the blog. So here is how the day unfolds.

The day started at 6am when we all met at the HobbyTown parking lot. The drive was quick due to us gabbing away about 40K and other crazy stuff. We arrived about an hour early, even with a pit stop at Duncan Doughnuts (Thanks Todd W.) When we arrived there was already about 6 people waiting outside the store. When the doors finally opened, we quickly had a look over of the tables. the entire event was filled, thanks to Chris filling in the last slot of a last minute drop out.

So the missions, standard NOVA style. Basically you have three objectives (Objectives, KP and quarter halves) and each rotates as the primary, secondary and Tertiary. Though in this event, you can acheivell three objectives instead of stopping at the first objected taken by a player. was I when I read them first. With the missions and players match-ups issued out the battle began.

Round 1: Chaos marines Vs. Mech IG

My opponent was Wll if I remember correctly. Good guy, easy going and fun to play. He ran a mix of Chaos stuff. few termies and oblits. The first round of course is DoW...blah! He got first turn and of course took it. He deployed right up front in the middle. This forced me to deploy on the tables edge. I had very little initial success and he got in my face to quickly. This took away from my vehicles firepower and forced my Vets to get on ground. Even with my marbro and Storm troopers trying to eat his back field, Power armor just kept on working for him. The Chaos gods favoured him and he walked away with a complete victory.

Lesson learned: DoW sucks!

Round 2: Daemons Vs. Mech IG

This battle kind of worried me before it even began. I have played very few daemon army's. he had tons of models and I knew this was going to hurt. Standard deployment and of course The God Emperor did not favor me and he too took 1st turn. With that said he game me the first turn to spare him a round of pain! So turn one was a complete waste for me. he dropped in right on top of me for the most part. Though he did drop his Fiends back more to allow them a chance to get in combat the next turn. So he had 8 total units for his first wave. With eternal warrior, my insta kill weapons lacked their usually kick. I had initial success at killing of some fiend with marbro and killing 4 out of 5 Heralds on chariots. Then he started getting in his units and began spewing his daemon breath, glancing and auto killing my vets. Where is a hell hound that spews Mouthwash? So my valiant armored column was massacred in the rocky valley. He took all three objectives.

lesson learned: Reserve my stuff as well to negate him from dropping on my stuff right away. That and Daemons are just mean!

Round 3: Orks Vs. easy right!....

Ok, this battle I walked in thinking, OK I can do this. I faced plenty of Ork army's. Well Tanner my opponent had other plans. he had a speed freak/stompy list. Heavy with war buggy's (Cool Conversion work) and killa Khans. He also had the Nob Biker squad with Warlord...grrr. So the battle was spearhead and to my surprise....I lost turn one again!!! During this game..I have never seen so many 6's and 5's in my life. guys im not crying or making it up. He did not miss or failed to pen my vehicles once. I’m talking he needs a six to pen..he rolls three. After three turns of watching orks blow my vehicles sky high, I had to ask "can I roll your dice". I scooped up three and rolled, 1-2-1...nope just me LOL. Guys, playing games for 17 years and warhammer for 14 I have never been crushed/rolled poorly like this ever. I’m talking point blank shots missed, 2d6 pen rolls getting double ones. His army swiftly weakened my force. it was not till turn 5 and 6 I started to stall his WAAAGGHH. Khans started to die and his buggies as well. Even 2 out of his three lootas all but died. Though we had the chance to go to turn 7, I was too far weakened to get any points...once again the cadian "Fighting" 69th was crushed.

Lesson Learned: Get Tanners dice!!

So in closing there you have it. I was swept in all three games. I have to say I really did not see that coming. I had a decent amount of primer games prior to the event. I won about 50% of them, and the ones I did lose where very close. All in all, I had a very bad day of gaming. This did not however ruin the event. I had a great time. All three opponents are guys who know their stuff and played very friendly. No complaints at all about them. Remember the whole point of a tourney is to crush not cuddle!! Seeing the weakness of my army I will go back and tweak it for NOVA. Even with the crushing defeat, I will not stray from my boys mounted in their steal steeds. I just love the way my army looks and plays. I have a marine force, but there is nothing better than rolling into battle knowing, my troops are just dudes. Not juiced up dudes...dudes who carry laser guns and ear flak armor. For the Emperor!!< div>

Now for the event as a whole. Guy’s, David and his group are good people. He runs a Top notch establishment, made for gamers by a gamer. They carry all the major games (Warhammer, 40K, Warmahordes, Malua-how-you-spell-it, MTG and Infinity). They have pretty much the entire range of boxes of GW stuff. David treats you as a fellow gamer, not a walking wallet. they also serve food and drinks. Not candy bars and skittles (though they have them to) I’m talking hot and cold sandwiches and fancy coffee drinks. All priced for a gamers budget. so really, you never have to leave the store. I see myself and hopefully CG2 heading back up there for future events and gaming. check them out at and also look on their facebook. Mr. black the TO (writer on belloflostsouls) ran a very smooth event. Was not rushed or heavily micro managed. It had a large event feel with the Local friendly game store atmosphere. They even held a raffle, giving away a Battalion box as 1st prize. The event prizes really where big. $100 for first and 2nd and 3rd getting I think $50. Great event guys, I would drive up again for Giga Bites Cafe's next 40K tourney!

So in closing CG2 represented fairly well. Todd W. tied for 3rd and was awarded $50. Chris and Brian did well and well me, lets say someone has to finish last. On a good note, The Cadian "Fighting" 69th took best painted. Though after much joking by Mr. Black (at my expense) my prize was $50 dollars not to 40K but to warmahordes. Seeing I should try a new game due to utter defeat in 40K! so I walked away from a 40K tourney with some Cygnar trencher commandos LOL!!! We made some good contacts and the CG2 name was spread. All in all, a great day for the "Road Crew". Now our sites are set on NOVA in August. Hope to see you there...until then,

Keep rolling them dice

Todd C.

CG2 Co-founder

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick General Update

Hey Guys, Kevin here,

     Figured I'd drop a few things on here just general update stuff. I'll start off by wishin todd and the guys good luck this weekend up at the tournament. Hopefully everyones on their best behavior, nothing good about a long drive to have a miserable time. Lookin forward to some road footage from yall...

Second, Our warmachine groups up to 9 players who have their forces and/or are working on them. We've been getting in some good games, and starter games for the new guys (see ya tomorrow Tom). There is a good chance that a few of us might be playing in a "Steamroller Tournament" (these are privateer presses official events) here within the next month, if we do there will be footage from that.

Lastly, even though I personally maybe through with 40k for the most part I'm still working for you guys to have some events. In works, I've been trying to get the OK from GW for us to host a 'Ard Boyz preliminary round down here, but for some reason GW's not responding back to us. So if you fellas want it blow up their email boxes about the group and the area and we'll see what happens. ALSO, for those of you who don't know the "CAMPUS NERDS" social group on Columbus State University hosts "NERDACON" every year. I've been talking to them about hosting a charity event during "NERDACON" this year. Something that would let us collect food or money to donate to a local food bank or organization that helps out the less fortunate during the holiday season. I've been there, I know how bad they can be, and I think it would be REALLY GOOD pr for the group.

in closing if anyone has any ideas email gets checked regularly. and now the standard closing - check us out on facebook, youtube, and our forum.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thoughts before I hit the road!!

Hey gang,
Todd here and I was thinking about the upcoming tournament that a few of CG2 are heading up to this weekend. Being this one of the first road trips CG2 has taken, we on”the road crew” are quite excited. Why is this? New players to fight! This though could be a doubled edge sword. Why is this? People in this certain hobby seem to have one of two sides. They are either in it to have fun…or DBAGS!
This player is all about himself. Probably has little to no social skills and was an only child. Conversations start out with Me, mine, my and I. They will approach a new guy and quickly inform him/her that he is the top dog and his army is the best. These players are also bi-polar players. On top of the world if they are up in the game, but becomes a raging maniac when they start to lose. The will quickly start making excuses for their sudden change in luck. Excuses such as, it was the dice, your codex is new, you made a net list and so on and so on. These are the players that will make a 2+ hour drive not worth it. This player ruins events and just discredits the hobby in general.
So how do we spot these players? Listen for loud boasting, or that player who is standing alone! You will most likely spot them right away. This player 9 out of 10 times has poor hygiene. He will have a swagger about him and a judging look on everyone. Also look for this players leaning over a table and either trouble shooting the players on rules or trying to give unwanted advice. Everyone has had someone just eves drop into a friendly game and quickly kill the mood. That’s the DBAG for you!
The in it to have fun player!
This is the player who makes the hobby a hobby! He cares about the whole game experience. The player who does not care if everything is painted or the army has older models. He just wants to play…well to play. Wins are great, ties are just as good and a lose, well leaves a door open for a re-match. This player is interested in your army not as much as his. This player has a good tactical sense but also knows it’s a game of chance. He will never make fun of your list…unless its really stinks. Still then he will help tweak it with you. Never does he take the game personal even against a DBAG! This player makes a 2+ plus hour drive worth it and an event fun! This is the player that needs to be out there in every game.
How do we spot this player? He is always smiling. He shakes your hand at the beginning and end of the game. This player has a clean appearance and has good hygiene. People will take you to him and introduce you. He has a record of good sportsmanship awards..duh! Overall he can and should be everyone.
Simple put, we all need to be this player. Stop trying to act hard gamers. We play with model Soldiers, not sending real ones into battle (military guys excluded). It’s a game, just like Monopoly, Life and scrabble. Intended for entertainment, not personal greed and pride. Nerds jump at any attention and try to make themselves higher and mightier in their realms. Serious, take a step back and remember it’s a hobby, but if you see it as your life…WOW! Ok enough ranting. Hope this helps some people realize what type of player they are, or at least will help get rid of those DBAG players.
Play games, have fun and as always
Keep rolling them dice!!