Sunday, August 14, 2011

Treefort Ard Boyz Experience (submitted for Todd W.)

This is a testomonial written by Todd W.

The Ard Boyz Tournament at Treefort games in Georgia has come and gone, and with CG2’s regular ass stomping of the competition. Of course it did not go off without a few hitches. For one thing as advertised the tourney was supposed to start at 1100, well we kicked off at 1230. Room for 40 players at Treefort games, and 8 showed up to play the first game. Of those 8 there were 3 elder players, 1 necron player, 1 vanilla marine’s player, 2 ork players, and my tyranids. Of all the armies represented that day none of them had very good list builds except for the two ork players and my nids. Everything else was all over the map with no continuity.
The first round I was in was with one of the ork players, 4 Battlewagons and two trucks, the normal Nobz squads and Ghazkull. Nothing too far out of the ordinary and as you can expect he charged straight into my front lines and with his lower initiative, he learned very quickly that that may not have been the very best of ideas. Too little to late as they say, took a massacre victory by beating him in kill points 16 to 4.
The second round was against an Eldar player by the name of Alvin or “Al” for short, but after hearing him talk for about one minute, I called him DOUSHBAG!!! SO the set up is Spearhead with 5 objectives being the game mission. So doushbags first order of business is to decide to keep his whole army hiding behind his one grav tank that is about 12 inches off his table edge but very close to the center line, which brought it VERY close to my two Tyrannofexs. My zoans led the way of course and in the middle of my first turn I had blown up his grav tank, he lost his HQ in the ensuing blast, and destroyed and entire squad of pathfinders that were foolishly in range of my zoans, 9 warp blasts later there was nothing but a smoking crater where his pathfinders used to be, 2+ cover save that doushbag. About this time doushbag started to open his mouth about how my list was illegal cause I had Tervigons in my list that were taken as troop choices and not HQ’s. After showing him the rule in the codex that allowed me to do just that as long as I also took 10 termaguants, he suddenly decided that quitting was the best way to screw me over by his way of thinking, he quit and took his 1 obj and I would take 4 objs and that would be how many points I would get. After a brief explanation with head ref about how much of a DOUSHBAG this guy was I got another massacre victory while he got 0 points for quitting like a girl.
The third and final round found me up against the necron player by a HUGE surprise. Also by this point where we had started with 8 players, we were now down to 4 cause of other doushbags quitting because they did not feel as if they were doing all that good. Well the setup for this game was Dawn of War with victory points being the scenario. He got the first turn and put out his Ctan in the middle of the board, I chose at that time to walk my whole army on turn one since there was no benefit to me to do anything else turn one. He foolishly moved his Ctan right towards my line on his first turn and he found out what 9 zoans can do with their warp lances. His Ctan down turn 1 with a Monolith of his gone after turn 2, he was reeling backwards and decided a gun line would be better than anything else he could muster to take care of the swarm. It took me 4 rounds moving cover to cover to get my Hormagaunts in range to assault but as soon as they closed on my turn 5 his entire army phased out in an eerie glow to quote the necron codex.
Overall another tournament at Treefort with another dominating performance by members of the Columbus Gaming Group, but overall an underwhelming experience at that game store due to the DOUSHBAGS that play at that location. I also had the chance to talk to John who was the store owner of Treefort and expressed to him the reason that we do not take the travel time to play and buy at his store is because of the doushbags he allows to play in his tournaments. My suggestion to him was if not for a viable excuse, if anyone chooses to quit a tournament at his store, then that person will be banned from tournament play at his store. Best way to upgrade his reputation in my book to tell ya the truth. Also if you want an easy win at future events Treefort is the way to go, just keep in mind the fact that doushbags will be run into, and it would be like playing your sisters kids.

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